Thursday, June 25, 2009

Upcoming Features and Projects!

It has been a busy couple of weeks here. I knew we had a small amount of time between the Prescott show the first week in June and next show for Denver. In these short weeks, We have managed to design four upcoming magazine features and finish one that was started before we left, design my next line of fabric, design four upcoming wool projects and find time to design some jewelry. I also designed four digital quilts for various fabric companies and wrote about eleven instructions. And lets not forget my fight with technology that is still ongoing while my desktop computer is out have a new hard drive installed. So here is a quick run down of upcoming magazine features:
*Witch's Brew MCCalls Quick Quilts November issue dropping in August
*Spinning Circles Quick Quilts Fall issue dropping in August
*Birthday-Go-Round remake McCalls Special issue dropping in August
*Ghosties on Posties The Quilter Novemeber Issue dropping in September
*Welcome to the Poles McCall's Quick Quilts January Issue dropping in October
*Rock Legend McCall's Quick Quilts January Issue dropping in October
*Winter Wonderland The Quilter December Issue dropping in October
*Art Deco Wool Pendents McCalls Quilting Holiday Issue dropping in October
*Pop Flowers Fabric Trends Fall Issue dropping in October
Love Bugs McCalls Quick Quilts March issue dropping in December
*Hoppy Easter-3 ways Quiltmaker March/ April issue dropping in February
3-D Bead necklace Bead Unique Spring issue dropping in January
Newton's Lullaby McCalls's Quick Quilts Septemeber Issue dropping in July
Cool Cats Fons and Porter- Spring

The features marked with an * are all finished and out the door. As you can see we work way in advance of the magazine print date.
I also just finished the free project sheet to go with my new Polar Opposites collection. I am posting the quilts here. Blank should have the pattern available soon. We have all the fabric on order and will add to our website most likely in August once it comes in. I designed one quilt and used the polar bears on one and the penguins on the other. I wanted to keep them separate due to the fact that polar bears live at the north pole and penguins live at the south pole. The quilt we designed for McCall's using this collection I put the penguins at the bottom of the quilt and the polar bears at the top of the quilt. I hope you like our newest collection. Well back to painting today. So until next time....


  1. Nice work! I'll have to keep my eye out for all those magazine articles.

  2. Hey Girl, I'm glad you're busy but wish we had more time to visit. Hugs!