Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The latest Magazine Quilts

 Tumbling Monkeys

Feather Friends     

   Opposites Attract

Happy Days  

Wee Witchey Kitty

Well another summer is coming to an end. Usually summers are pretty slow around here, but this summer has been super crazy. It started with moving the studio and ourselves (again) in June and the work started right after that. With the economy being what it is, I am so thankful for each job that comes our way. As a Freelance Designer, it is sometime a real roller coaster ride. Well now I can show you some of the projects we have been working on for this summer. We had several magazine features that came out over the past few months and I want to share them with you, Tumbling Monkeys, Feathered Friends, Happy Days. Summer Sparkler, Peep Squeaks, Animal Party II, Opposites Attract and finally Wee Witchey Kitty. I am posting some of these here for you with a link to our website We still have six more magazine features coming out before the end of the year, so check back and see what's new. Take care and happy quilting.
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