Monday, March 17, 2014

Gray is the new Black


Fusible Applique is my favorite quilting technique when I design quilts. I love the freedom of designing any shape I can think of. Flowers, characters, circles and swirls. No matter what shape I want this technique lets me create it. You can check out some of my designs on our website, 

When I travel and teach my fusible applique classes around the country, the most popular question I am asked is what kind of thread I use to finish my edges. I love to use 40 or 50 weight Aurifil Black thread most of the time. I love the way the black thread makes the edges of my shapes pop out. Many of our quilts are photographed for magazines and the darker edges add dimension to the quilt .  This is how I finished our Cute Hoots quilt. But this is not the effect I want on all of our designs and sometimes I need the edges to fade away or a black outline is too harsh for the fabric colors.

In these cases it is much better to use Aurifil light gray thread (2600) to finish the edges. I used gray to finish the edges on our Tutu Cute Quilt  (featured in this month's The Quilter) and our Downton Abby Quilt  (designed for Andover) both shown here. Also by using gray thread, I do not need to change the threads to match the fabric colors throughout the quilt.

I hope this little tip helps you next time you have to decide which color thread to use on your next project.

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