Monday, March 24, 2014

Tutu Cute with The Quilter Magazine

 Tutu Cute designed by Heidi Pridemore

This month we have a quilt in The Quilter Magazine called Tutu Cute! This is a perfect quilt for the little dancer in your life.

When I saw this fabric collection from Quilting Treasures, I immediately fell in love with bright clean colors used for this group. I also loved the look of the little dancers, they are so sweet and graceful. This was one of those cases when I knew what I wanted the quilt to look like to showcase this fabric. When these ideas pop in my head, I just run with them.

So here is a peek at how this one was designed. I knew I wanted to have appliquéd tutus twirling around the quilt but I had to think about what would go with them. Once I knew I was going to work with this group, I talked to the editors at The Quilter to see if they would like a quilt from this group. This would help me decide how big the appliqués would be and what the second block would look like. Once they were on board with this project, I finally decided the second block should be a heart block. I came up with a simple pieced block to go with the simple appliqué tutu blocks. The hearts could represent the quilter's love for the special person they are making the quilt for or they can represent the little dancer's love for Ballet.

For the colors on this quilt, I made all the tutus with the cooler colors in the collection and saved the pink for the hearts. I love to include yellow in my quilt so I added a splash of yellow for the waistbands, inner border and outer corner blocks. All these bright colors look wonderful against the white backgrounds and borders.

I hope you have enjoyed this story behind the quilt. If you need to make this quilt for the little dancer in your life we have a limited number of fabric kits for this one.

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  1. Tutu Cute is so stinking cute! Love the design and the colors.