Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

Just a quick note to my followers, Happy New Year. I have made it one of my resolutions to keep up with my blogging and I have so many new free patterns to share with you over the next few months. See you next year!!!!
Until next time,

Friday, December 10, 2010

San Francisco

Hello All
This is my first mobile blog. I am in San Francisco to check out a potential show for us to show at next year. Of all the cities I have been to, this by far is the most inspirational. Every time I come for a visit, my creative juices start to flow. Maybe it is all the different people in a small space or the vibrant colors in their clothes and homes. Perhaps it is being so close to the water. But whatever it is, I love it here. Yesterday we flew in and walked around Noe Valley then took it easy the rest of the day. This is when the creative bug hits. When I am away from my everyday routine and am forced to sit quietly and think big thoughts. So off I go and I will let you know about the great ideas I get from visiting this wonderful place.
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Bugged Out Fabric Kits

A quick note, Pam at is offering kits for the free Bugged Out pattern I posted yesterday. Check it out here,

Happy Creating

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bugged Out


I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Matthew and I were in San Diego doing a holiday art show. So we are having Thanksgiving this Sunday. That's what is so great about this holiday, it is truly about family and friends. There is little commercialism about it since stores start to decorate for Christmas right after Halloween. So if you cannot celebrate on the assigned day, you just pick another day. I cannot wait for my turkey and pumpkin pie this weekend!!!!! And seeing how Matthew is an amazing chef, our family and friends did not mind waiting either! :)

I wanted to post another free pattern I recently did called Bugged Out. This past summer I went to visit my 4 year old niece in Atlanta. We went to this nickle and dime store (yes, they still has some of these) and I offered to buy her one thing. There were so many toys but she focused on this little bug cage. It was so cute. So when I came home and found this "Bugged Out" fabrics from Blank quilting waiting for me and they requested a free pattern for the collection, I was so excited.

Click Here to download this pattern
I designed the quilt with this little bug cage in mind and alternated the blocks with the iconic "Bug Jar" blocks. It took me a couple of hours to piece this great throw and you can use any bug fabrics for the cages and jars. I know it is perfect for any boy or girl.  PLEASE NOTE: The Whimsical Workshop does not have this fabric in stock. I just thought this pattern was too cute not to share. The fabrics are from the "Bugged Out" collection from Blank quilting and can be ordered from fellow E-merchant  These guys have a great website for all things bugs and I just love their whimsical spirit!

Happy Creating,
Heidi & The Whimsical Workshop Elves

Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome New Friends

Batik Ribbon Twist-50" x 70"
Colorplay Workshop-23" square

This past week has been a whirlwind, I had a workshop and lecture in San Diego Monday through Wednesday and a workshop and lecture in Prescott, AZ on Saturday. We also participated in Quiltmaker's 100 Block Blog Tour on Thursday. I am finally sitting back down to my desk to catch up on work. But before I dive in to the "work" stuff, I wanted to write a little about this past week.

San Diego- Monday Night- Doris and I met so many nice people at the Monday night lecture "How Do They Come Up With Those Ideas". It was a large turnout and I am always inspired by so many creative and talented people in one place. Thank you for coming to the lecture and all the wonderful comments afterwords. Believe it or not I still get very nervous before speaking in front of a large group and yours made me feel right at home.

San Diego-Tuesday- On Tuesday Doris and I had a great time with the wonderful ladies who took our Tips and Tricks on Piecing workshop (Ribbon Twist). We had the best time not only sharing our tips with the group but also getting to know the great ladies in the class and learning some great tips from them. I am always impressed and inspired by the people in my classes and this one was no exception.

Thank You San Diego Friendship Quilters!

Blog Tour-Thursday- Though I was pretty tired on Thursday, all the excited quilters who visited our blog and signed up was just what the doctor ordered. Contrary to this week's schedule, I normally have little contact with other creative people (other than my close group of friends) because I am in my studio designing most of the time. The lectures, workshops and comments on my blog are truly food for my soul. Thank you to everyone who left comments about my work. I hope you come back from time to time just for a visit.

Prescott Saturday- On Saturday, Doris and I got up very early and drove up north to Prescott, AZ to do my Color Play lecture and workshop with the American Sewing Guild-Prescott Chapter. Doris and I got to spend the day twenty-one creative and fun ladies. This group jumped right in to playing with color and did a wonderful job of letting go of the rules and just having fun with the project. I cannot wait to see the finished projects. Afterwords Doris and I, a very tired yet inspired pair drove back to the valley having made so many new friends this week.

Thank you, ASG-Prescott Chapter

Until next time....
Happy Creating

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dr Seuss Quilts

Dr. Seuss has been influence throughout my life. As a child
I loved his stories and whimsical views. I always have had an active imagination and his stories helped me realize it was okay to think outside the box.  His artwork has always been a favorite of mine and it had a way of making me smile no matter what mood I was in.
So you can imagine how excited I was to see Dr. Seuss fabrics at quilt market last spring and that it was being made by one of my favorite fabric companies, Robert Kaufman Fabrics. I was even more excited when they asked if I would be interested in designing the projects to go along with the fabric line in the spirit of Dr. Seuss. Which I jumped at the chance to do.
I am happy to share with you the final patterns which are free on the Robert Kaufman website. I hope they inspire you. 

Click here to download the "Thump Bump" quilt.

Click here to download the Cat in the Hat pattern
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Life's a Hoot

Hello all,
I wanted to show you this adorable owl panel I made into a wall hanging. It just reminds us to hang in there and keep smiling.
I have posted the free pattern on my website
and have some fabric kits available Click here to order the kit

The saying on this panel are quite sweet and remind us to take care of our friends and not take life too seriously. I hope this makes you smile today.

The sayings are hard to read so am typing them here for you

Top Panel-                                                Bottom Right Panel-
Remember Wooo you are                         If Friends were flowers I would pick you.
Bless this Nest
Owlways love one another
Make life worth hooting about

Happy Creating

And The Winner's are.........

Well I have to thank everyone who participated in the 100 Blocks Blog Tour. I had over 150 people come by and even though it was not in person, it felt like we were a host on a shop hop. I could feel the energy right through the keyboard. I want thank each one of you for your wonderful words of inspiration, it is fuel for my creative soul.

Now on to the winners: I have notified the eight winners this morning and will post the names once they have contacted me. So be on the lookout for an email:
Bunny, Lisa Mary, Happy Cottage Quilter, Sew Linda Ann, Moe West, Janet,
Beach Quilter and Tea Quilts.

Congratulations to you all and I hope to see you on the next 100 Block tour in the spring. Make sure to come back an visit before then to see what I am up to at The Whimsical Workshop.

Happy Creating,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Don't Forget

Hi Quilters,
Do not forget to add your email address in the message. Some of the wonderful comments are coming up with a no reply for the email and I will not be able to contact you if you win. :)
Thank you

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

100 Blocks Blog Tour

Quiltmaker has been one of my favorite quilting magazines since I started sewing and designing in 2000. I was quite honored to be asked a second time to submit a block for the second edition of the 100 Blocks magazine. This time the magazine was coming out around the same time as my newest line of fabric, "Furry Friends" from Blank Quilting. So I used my fabric and my favorite bear to create a fun and easy block. I hope you enjoy making this block as much as I did.

I have gotten my copy of the 100 Blocks magazine and can tell you it has so many wonderful designs that can keep you busy for entire year. Whether you love piecing, applique or paper piecing there are blocks for you. Make sure to order yours today. You can also check out all the artists on the blog tour as well as sign up for different prizes at the Quiltmaker Blog
including a chance to win of one of the 100 blocks the artist made and signed for the magazine.

As for our giveaways. Please leave a comment with your email address for a chance to win a copy of the 100 Blocks magazine (we will be giving away five of them!) or a fat quarter bundle of my Furry Friends collection (we have several to give away). Make Sure to check back tomorrow to see if you have won!!!

Make sure to sign up for our email newsletter which will feature a free pattern to use our Bear block along with my matching Bunny Block which will go out next week to all that sign-up.

You can see all of our great products at where we always offer FREE Shipping and until Christmas we are offering 15% off your entire purchase, just use promo code- FLL15Off. You can also follow us on Facebook.

I look forward to hearing from you this week and hope you have fun on this great blog tour.
Happy Creating,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bee My Honey

Hello all,
We are finally back from Quilt Market and happy to have another market done. We did over 25 quilt samples for this market for seven different fabric companies on top of the several projects for ourselves. My sewing machine was on fire. Happy to be back to normal (sort of) for another couple of months.
We have several exciting things happening around the studio over the next few months, starting with my latest magazine feature "Bee My Honey", which is in the current issue of The Quilter Magazine. It showcases my newest line of fabric "Furry Friends" which is available on our website along with the fabric kit for the quilt.
The other exciting thing to share with you is we have a block in Quiltmaker's 100 Block issue in sale now. We will participate in their Blog tour this month with several giveaways. Our special day is 11/11/10. What a fun date to get. Check out the whole schedule of events and sign up for free prizes at So check back to see what we have going.

Friday, October 22, 2010


I cannot believe it is the end of Halloween and we are close to the holidays. I know we are close because my newest issue of McCall's Quick Quilts just showed up and it is all about the holidays.
Now you have to understand why I am so messed up about exactly what the time of year it is.
First I live in Phoenix, AZ and today is the first day that it is under 90ยบ since May. After growing up in Upstate New York, where the weather told you when fall was here, in Phoenix the season change slightly.If you are not paying attention the holidays are over before you hang the first decoration . I miss my sweaters and boots.
The other thing working against my ever knowing what time of year it is, is the design season is is about six months ahead. That means this darling Reindeer Games quilt shown here was designed in June and currently we are working on summer designs for next year. We always have Halloween in the Spring. I tell you my whole calender is off, off, off.
Now all that being said, I wanted to share with you why I was so excited about the McCall's Quick Quilts magazine, our newest holiday quilt is in there. Yep you guessed it, it is Reindeer Games. We have a limited number of fabric kits for these guys and I kept the size small to make is easier to make as well and find a place to hang. Even better is we currently are offering 15% off your entire order. Just use the code FLL15off when you check out at

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a year!

Hello World. Sorry to take so long in between blogs. We have been so busy here at The Whimsical Workshop that I cannot believe it is already mid-October. Anyone who has been following my blog
knows that I have been spilting my time between quilt designing and jewelry designing. As this journey continues, I am learning to manage my time better. As we go forward, I have decided to keep this blog about our quilting world adventures and have a separate blog for the jewelry world adventures at I hope you will visit both blogs but understand we each have our interests and limited time in which to do them in.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Whoops? 2 months since my last post!!!

Sorry it has been so long. When I last posted I was just starting a metal smithing class and an enameling class. Both were wonderful but it was a lot of work balancing two classes along with studio work. Then the holidays and then excuse, after excuse, after excuse.......
So now it 2010 and lets start again. I will try my best to keep up.
So what has been happening with the studio, you ask. Well we just finished two more quilts for McCall's Quick Quilts and Harris Publications Quick Quilts. Both are summer themed one is bright and fun and the other is made with batiks. Unfortunately I cannot post pictures yet. We are also getting ready of our biggest show of the year, the Phoenix Sew and Craft Festival at the Phoenix Fair Grounds. It is nice that our biggest show is actually in town.
I am also getting ready to sell some of my jewelry at the Phoenix First Fridays, starting in February. Wish me luck. This is a new venture for me and I hope people will like my designs.
I am posting a photo here of the finished pendent that I showed in November as a work in progress. Next month I become a traveling fool. It was nice to be home for several months but back to work. Though I love meeting so many nice and creative people at my workshops, lectures and shows. So until next time.....