Tuesday, April 6, 2021

I Love Rainy Days Block Mania Blog Hop


Can you believe we are on month nine of the Block Mania Blog Hop! I can’t thank you enough for following along and coming back for this next free block! Have you made any of our previous blocks yet? If so, please send us a picture at Heidi@thewhimsicalworkshop.com or share it with us in the comments below. I would love to see what you’ve created! 

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All of our previous block patterns and SVG files are available on our website, www.thewhimsicalworkshop.com under Patterns. So make sure to collect them all! 

We are quickly coming to the end of 12 blocks. Once we finish them I will be turning all of these adorable blocks into one great quilt pattern. I cannot wait to see how this turns out!

The theme for this month’s block was “Rain”, with a corresponding color palette of all cool colors. I have to say I struggled a bit on this theme and was not sure what I was going to do until the deadline was looming. Matthew helped me out with the idea of a frog under a flower. Once I had the idea, it just all came together. I decided to call it "I Love Rainy Days" and here is the link to the pattern.

Now let’s get started crafting our newest block! In this month's companion video, I went over my process for selecting the fabrics for this block and then assembled the block. You can check out the video below

This month’s block features an assortment of basics from our friends

at Benartex Fabrics and Windham Fabrics. You’ll need a mix of greens,

blue, black, white with a splash of pink. Here is what I can up with.

Now download the pattern and grab your fabric and favorite

fusible web (mine is Hot Fix available here) to trace and

cut the shapes for this block.

To cut the shapes this month, I used my Cricut cutter to make

it a snap. The pattern includes full-size reversed templates

for the traditional method too.

Next, it’s time to pull out your appli-fuse sheet and placement drawing so we can start assembling our sweet frog. Our little Froggy does not have a name. Do you have any ideas?

Follow the free pattern to make your background and now it is time to position and press our froggy and her umbrella to the background.

Now that the big pieces are in place, it is time to add the the raindrops to the background. When you are adding your rain drops, make sure none of them make it under the flower umbrella. No One likes a leaky umbrella.

Now that we have our block assembled, it’s time to pick out your favorite Aurifil threads for the finishing stitch and move to the sewing machine. As always, I am using Aurifil 50wt threads.

Now it is time to finish the edges, so let's hop over to the machine. You can check out one of my many video tutorials to finish the edges over on our YouTube Channel "The Whimsical Workshop". 

And there you go, now you've got a finished "I Love Rainy Days" block!

I hope you have enjoyed this month’s free block. Make sure to visit all the other designers on the Blog hop to collect your free Rains blocks!

Each month a group of top designers in the quilting industry will each create a FREE 12” block that fits the month’s theme and color palette. We will all post our blocks on the first Tuesday of the Month. You can hop from blog to blog to learn more about each designer and collect your free block pattern. This month’s theme is “Rain” and I created our adorable "I Love Rainy Days" block for you. The pattern is available on our website. The Block Mania Blocks will only be available free of charge for the first two months afterwards they will be for sale for $5.00 as a digital download.

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